HR Administrative Requirements & Documentation

Documentation is the written and retained record of employment events. It can contain government and legally mandated forms, paperwork required by company policy and practice, documents suggested by best Human Resources practices, and formal and informal recordkeeping about employment events. These documents include but certainly are not limited to: employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance evaluations and policies/procedures. This paperwork, albeit sometimes time-consuming and frustrating, provide workplace requirements designed to maintain an orderly, fair workplace in which employees know what is expected of them. Failure to observe proper HR document protocols may expose the organization to legal risks and even lawsuits.

Don’t let anything obstruct your company from ensuring all HR paperwork is properly completed and maintained. In order to assist you, GCG can review, develop, revise, implement and maintain:


  • Up-to-Date Employee Handbook
  • Employee Job Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluation Systems for Employees
  • Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Orientation and Onboarding Systems and Documentation
  • Employee Engagement, Retention, and Recognition Programs
  • Comprehensive Employee Wellness Programs
  • Strategic Planning Initiatives
  • HR or Administrative Policies and/or Forms